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A visual storyteller who specializes in using the physical form to transform a person's spirit-essence into a photograph/film ready image.

I do this because I know what is seen versus what is unseen, and how it can drastically contradict itself.

I have a passion for manipulating the human form to portray a story, concept or character for a desired circumstance; allowing the client to not only feel "the part" but also, "wear it, feel it, and be it" with the utmost confidence!

As a child, I loved going to the salon with my mom. I was always trying to assist the hairstylist. At age fourteen I started cutting hair for anyone that would let me. It was only natural that I became a licensed Cosmetologist. I began my career in Brewster, New York at age sixteen as an assistant. By age twenty-one I had earned myself a chair as a stylist.

With a knack for beauty and a thirst for knowledge, I began to expand my skills learning the art of make-up. This led me to owning my own hair and makeup studio by age twenty-four. Being an entrepreneur allowed me the freedom to explore freelance opportunities in the retail, fashion, editorial, and print industries.

In 1999, I relocated to Hollywood to work on an independent feature film. During my stay, I worked non-union features, shorts, music videos, studio industrials and television and studio promotions.

Since my return to the east coast, I have been catering to personal clients in a salon and freelancing for print, TV commercials and corporate video production. With an eye for detail and the ability to create and capture beauty, I also took my photography hobby to the next level. I focus my expertise on headshots, production stills and shooting performing artists.

My temperament and disposition allows me to work with an array of eccentric personalities, ranging from rock stars, celebrities, politicians, CEOs, and super models, to the everyday person. Contact me today for your production or special day!


  Established in New York, Hollywood and Portugal.

  Vast knowledge of hair, skin and makeup products via 30 years experience as a skilled and versatile licensed Cosmetologist.

  Studied hair and makeup with prestigious companies such as Bumble & Bumble, Vidal Sasson, Wella, L'Oreal, Paul Mitchell, Estee Lauder, Mac, Prescriptives, Chanel and Smashbox.

  Trained cosmetic staff and was selected to represent Estee Lauder two years in a row at The National Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeons Convention.

  Took leave of absence to care for a terminally ill parent and was accepted back into the industry as if I never left.



  • Basic Application
  • Photographic
  • HD / Film / Video
  • Character
  • Non-Prosthetic Special Effects (not limited to cuts, scars, burns, bruises, aging, illness, gunshot wounds)
  • Airbrush
  • Preparing script breakdowns and character analysis through every stage of the story
  • Recording character looks for continuity book


  • Styling, Cutting, Coloring
  • Texture Treatments
  • Smoothing / Straightening Treatments
  • Wig Application, Cutting and Styling
  • Facial Hair Application


  • Headshots / Portraits
  • Performing Artists
  • Production / Events
  • Art
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel / Landscape

Gigs & Credits


  • Altice USA - NY
  • Burnett's Vodka - NY
  • Nu Skin Liquid Band Aid - NY
  • Staten Island University Hospital - NY
  • Boehringer Ingelheim - Jardiance, Spiriva, Combivent Respimat, Intermezzo - NY



  • TIME BOMB - Trailor - Key Makeup Design
  • FREEDOM PARK - Short Film - Key Makeup Design
  • DR. BENNY - Feature (Day Player) - Key Makeup Design
  • THE FINE LINE BETWEEN CUTE AND CREEPY - Full Length - Key Makeup Design for Karen Grosso
  • POP COWBOY - Feature (1st / 2nd Unit) - Key Makeup Design
  • SEEING PACINO - Short Film - Key Makeup Design
  • SELLIN’ IN - Short Film - Key Makeup Design
  • THE MUSE - Short Film - Key Makeup Design


  • EMBRACE HOPE SANDY HOOK - Short Film Documentary - Key Makeup Design
  • ROUTE 31 - Short Film - Key Makeup Design
  • THE CENSUS TAKER - Short Film - Key Makeup Design, 1st Place - NYU Film Festival
  • THE GRAVEKEEPER - Short Film - 2nd Unit Key Makeup Design



  • New Wave Entertainment - PSA: The Will Rogers Institute for The M.S. Society - Makeup Artist
  • New Wave Entertainment - EPK: The Quantum Leap Project - Makeup Artist
  • New Wave Entertainment - Let’s Make a Deal, DINNER OF CHAMPIONS: A Tribute to Bill Mechanic, CEO of Twentieth Century Fox - Makeup Artist
  • New Wave Entertainment - EPK: Disney's The Kid - Makeup Artist
  • New Wave Entertainment - EPK: Welcome To Collinwood - Makeup Artist
  • New Wave Entertainment - EPK: Nightmare Rooms - Makeup Artist
  • New Wave Entertainment - EPK: Hometown Legend - Makeup Artist
  • New Wave Entertainment - EPK: Miss Daisy's Journey - Makeup Artist
  • New Wave Entertainment - EPK: Uprising NBC TV Mini-Series - Makeup Artist
  • Nickelodeon - ON AIR PROMO: A Walk In Your Shoes - Makeup Artist
  • Nickelodeon - ON AIR PROMO: Rugrats in Paris - Makeup Artist
  • Nickelodeon - ON AIR PROMO: Smashmouth Hosting Teen Nick - Makeup Artist
  • Kandoo Films - ON AIR PROMO: HGTV - Assistant Makeup Artist
  • Kandoo Films - ON AIR PROMO: Monday Night Live with Bill Weir - Assistant Makeup Artist


  • Anomolies - Seinfeld Demo - Makeup Artist
  • Comcast Cable - Q & A with Adam Levy - Makeup Artist

Print Publications

  • Backyard Flyer - New York, Cover
  • Car Action - New York, Cover and Inside Story
  • DNA Magazine (Diary De Noticas) - Lisbon Portugal, 3 Fashion Editorial spreads
  • Hip Style Magazine - New York, 6 Covers including interior fashion/editorial spreads as well as advertisements
  • Inspire Hair Fashion - World Wide Publication
  • Interview Magazine - New York, Inside Story
  • Lewis Cho - New York, Look Book


  • Accent On You
  • Charles Department Store
  • Denali Four
  • Desires
  • Hickory and Tweed
  • Jems
  • Jojada
  • On The One
  • Parker East Dry Goods
  • Shoe LaLa
  • Wave

Celebrities & Insiders

I have had the pleasure of working with the following Hollywood celebrities and insiders:

Jason Alexander
Amanda Bynes
Nick Cannon
Jennifer Beals
Juliette Landau
James Earl Jones
John Cleese
Simon Fuller
Kim Fuller
Frank and Lil Zanuck

John Turtletaub
Steven Soderbergh
Jon Avnet
Eric Alan
Jeffery Lerner
Vaneza Pitynski
Willie Green
R.L. Stein
Alan Thicke
Steve Harvell
Paul DeLisle
David E Landers
Lyn Shea
Monty Hall
Marc Maron
Ronnie Marmo
Daniel Vellucci
Pat Asanti
Debra Dragotto
John Cassini
Frank Cassini
Billy Reich
Anthony Montes
Dan McCarthy
David Stebbins
Harve Tretsky
Dion DeRizzo
Eric Kline
Shawn Driscoll
Craig Olsen

Demo Reel

Please Stay Tuned


Please Stay Tuned

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